It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the passing of our beloved hospital cat, Zsa Zsa Wobble Kitty. In 2008, Zsa Zsa started out in life as a tiny, hours old kitten found in a school field with her four littermates. She was bottle raised by River City Cat Rescue and later came to live with us. Zsa Zsa was born with a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia which caused an unsteady “wobble” to her movements. Even though she was shaky, she lived a full life of relishing her favorite foods, napping in her favorite chair, and loving on staff members.

Some of you may remember back in 2015 when our girl made a risky, sneaky move and slipped out an open door. We pieced together from our outdoor security footage that she hitched a ride unbeknownst to a staff member up to the Raley’s shopping center on Madison Avenue. From there she found her way to a nearby senior community where she befriended a few local kitties living in and around a drainage culvert. A kind resident fed these cats and realized that there was a new cat to feed. Luck was on Zsa Zsa’s side and this kind individual came across our lost pet flyer with a photo and description of our girl. It was her shaky nature that alerted this person to realize that he was feeding our cat, Zsa Zsa Wobble Kitty! She was quickly returned to us and after a few hearty meals she was on the mend.

Since that time, Zsa Zsa was less adventurous and took a more leisurely approach to life. She greeted patients, welcomed staff, and conned people into feeding her, even when her dish was full. The last few years she has had her share of medical issues which were closely monitored by our doctors and nurses. The past couple of weeks it seemed that we were running out of options for treatment, and in fact, she passed away during the quiet evening hours of May 17th, 2021. She will be missed by many, but we will keep her memory alive by sharing stores and heartfelt memories.