Senior Care and Geriatic Pets – Helping Them Age Gracefully and Live Life to the Fullest

Senior pets are those that are getting along in years, but are doing well for the most part.  Geriatric pets are those that are both older and have fragile health problems.  All of our older pets should be able to enjoy quality of life during their Golden Years, and we are here to help you all the way.  We have many suggestions for you to do at home, and some medication options as well.

Common age-related issues:

  1. Mobility
  1. Appetite
  1. Incontinence
  1. Anxiety
  1. Loss of hearing/vision
  1. Masses
  1. Cognitive decline

Please feel free to use all these tools and advice, and let us work with you as a team to keep your beloved older pet happy and healthy without putting too much strain on you – their caregiver.