At Hazel Ridge Veterinary Clinic our services offered don’t end with our doctors and diagnostic tools. When a specialized diagnostic procedure is indicated or a necessary surgery requires the expertise of a board-certified doctor we are here to guide you through the process. We offer referrals for veterinary ophthalmologists (eye doctors), dermatologists (skin doctors), cardiologists (heart doctors), and others. For serious situations that require an urgent referral for an emergency hospitalization and/or surgery, our office will email medical records including exam notes, lab work and x-rays to save you the hassle and more importantly to save you the cost from having to repeat tests.

One of the specialists that comes to Hazel Ridge to provide care for our patients is Dr. Lori Siemens, board certified cardiologist. Dr. Siemens provides top-notch diagnostic and treatment plans for our patients that need specialized cardiac care. We schedule appointments for Dr. Siemens in our clinic one day a month, each appointment lasting approximately one hour.

In addition, we have Animal Dental Care technicians come to Hazel Ridge to provide non-anesthetic dental cleanings to our client’s pets. These technicians have been trained in proper technique to provide an oral health assessment and cleaning all within a half hour appointment.