It’s finally fall! Fall means shorter days, brisk walks in the crisp autumn air, the crunch of leaves underfoot, and the promise of fall holidays. Here are a few fall tips to keep in mind to keep your pets safe and happy during the changing season.

While spookiness is supposed to be part of the Halloween fun for people, the scary costumes, masks and strangers repeatedly ringing the doorbell can be downright scary for your pets. Have an outdoor cat or dog? Bring them inside for the night to ensure their safety.

If you are lucky enough to have a black cat, make sure to keep him or her indoors on Halloween, in addition to a few days before and after. Many black cats go missing this time of year.

Also, please remember that chocolate can be harmful to your pets. Also, xylitol (a sweetener often found in sugarless gum and candy) is very toxic to pets, even in small amounts. Keep this in mind while you are readying the candy bowl on Halloween! From all of us at Hazel Ridge Veterinary Clinic, have a safe and happy Halloween!