In Loving Memory

Rose King
Calico Hovey
Kitty Taylor
Kitty Kitty Wilbur
Maki Cullen
Gertrude Tonetti
Pebbles Edwards
Tucker May
Oscar Mike Gillham
Angel Jensen
Patch Ferris
Mister Grant
Boogers Beeby
Layla Clevenger
Hank Crosby
Ronnie Dalton
Jenna Peare
Rumor Granja
Marley Capan
Boots Hartley
Capone Lee
Cassie Homer
Zinfandel Pickering
Makenna Oliver
Willow Pitts
Cali Crowley
Bay-Bah Pistorius
Madison Marques
Brando Young
Deegan Martin
Sophie Murphy
Ginger Riggs
Zoe Smith
Buttercup Holley
Romeo Davis
Lucy Reynolds
Ryder Shaffer



“Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace.”–
Albert Schweitzer