In Loving Memory

Fluffy Hudgens
Louis Swoboda
Jasper Tyre
Morgan Wright
Lily Rodgers
Murphy Marks
Charlie Anderson
Katt Bequette
Kimat  Militar
Frizzy Sivillo
Cleo Willis
Allray Sousa
Astoria Morrill
Abby Blue Mistchenko
Eddy Lang
Serena Shorey
Emmy Holley
Sam Foster
Frannie Smeeth
Roxy Pyne
Spooky Elmas
Colette Moses
Slick Johnson
Minou Fevrier
Blackberry Holton
Wally Bailey
Triskit Hazel Ridge Veterinary Clinic
Samantha Boswell
Sandy Mae Flores
Beauty Thompson
Parisa Rector
Lola Coleman
Cosmo Boortz
Greta Marg
Tica Lemmon
Papa Armstrong
Taz Johnson
Squirrelly David
Annie Campbell

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“You think those dogs will not be in heaven!  I tell you they will be there long before any of us.”
–Robert Louis Stevenson