In Loving Memory

Abigaile Reddy
Major Garrison
Kitty Boy Kimura
Oreo Trevaskis
Sam Gockley
Ozzie Boyd
Patches Nishimoto
Mitzi Crumley
Picollo Baird
Spotty Aquino
Mike DeMera
Lucy Joiner
Jake Walker
Lucy Hurley
Pink Paske
Poly Marty
Azzi Allen
Jake Zales
Ozzy Newcomb
Buddy Boyd
Darla Paulsen
Delcie Mae Caron
George III Stahl
Blanche Westover
Cosmo Cooper
Eddy Freemyers
Toby Call
Bandit Jackson

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Animals in their generation are wiser than the sons of men;
but their wisdom is confined to a few particulars,
and lies in a very narrow compass.
JOSEPH ADDISON, The Spectator, Jul. 17, 1711