In Loving Memory

Willow Murphy
Gino Fontana
Kuzco Quiles
Zoey McGraw
Koda Thomas
Abigail Grace Powell
Punky Parish
Eli Gill
Rudy Pustobaeff
Pixy Buzian
Rose Pierre Honey
Clifford Siverling
Meg Villegas
Longstreet Tang
Ajay Gessford
Zirconia Frazier
Cheyenne Zoo
Brooklyn Quiles
Jack Fellmeth
Bootsy Maxwell
Bootsy Martin
Sadie O’Day
Bindianna Milotz
Wendy Pinkerwell
Mongkut Denman
Leo Latondre
Amy Saldivar
Boots Yoshimura
Zoe Siu
Angel Longueville
Porter Costa
Weezie Kelly
Boo Hart
Whiskers Cragg
Cher Smith
Sophie Wetklow

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Animals are like little angels sent to earth to teach us how to love.
They don’t get angry or play silly games. They are always there for us.

WHITNEY MANDEL, Orange Coast Magazine, Feb. 2006