In Loving Memory

Kona Armstrong
Koda Young
Cinnamon Rickel
Lucy Reynolds
Pumpkin Wesley
Molly Finley
Lola Keller
Red Fire Maple Williams
Twinnie Zoo
Tony Stevens
Kona Heisler
Mico Bugarin
Ashes Judish
Holly Powell
Bug Nichol
Tosca May
Chloe Malmstadt
Charley Butler
Sadie Olsen
Happy Sharp
Millie Curiel-Harris
Halle Henderson
Taz Smith
Buddy King
Jessie Dorr
Phoebe Calderon
Penny Ogata
Phoebe Harms
Cally Hulse
Griffin Milan
Bonham Sneed
Shelby Niello

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Society grants animals rights not because animals are like us or because animals would demand them,
but because we humans feel empathy with animals.
We attribute to them that they can suffer and that they deserve as living creatures not to suffer.