In Loving Memory

Gator Pieraldi
Midnight Wheelock
Malcolm Jones
Bluie Honsa
Hannah Gontarski
Stetson Guillory Jr.
Blackie Leak
Bailey Sessions
Stink Chico
Truckee Miers
Gracie Wanken
Minnie Patton
Benjamin Lynn
Catcher Ockerman
Ravyn Derner
Booth Ryan
Tom Rodgers
Sierra Marcucci
Kathryn  Spears
AL Underwood
Mittens Gilsdorf
Toby Peet
Smokey Stevenson
Abby Hausler
Ellie Matthew
Max Azar
Merlin Bohn
Merlin Pelle
Oscar Harrington
Button Cook

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“I never fancied cats much till I found the First Mate,” he remarked, to the accompaniment of the Mate’s tremendous purrs. “I saved his life, and when you’ve saved a creature’s life you’re bound to love it. It’s next thing to giving life.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne’s House of Dreams