In Loving Memory

Captain Cooper
Cat Moyer
Bonsai Walker
Tessa Trono
Ronin Hall
Rosco Reiter
Elliot Manhart
Woodford Gilmour
Houdini Howell
Buster Gostovich
Chicken Hensley
Grant Ogata
Sassy Wanda Bridgeman
Lillian Ingalls
Sammie Ebler
Bashia Gonzalez
Kitty Star Main
Gracie Goodman
Scooter Shilling
Tommy Sanders
Hanna Miod
Ringo Smith
Max Crafts
Gigi McKean
Bebe Burton-Eggiman
Amber Shaw


“Although other animals may be different from us, this does not make them LESS than us” 
― Marc Bekoff, Animals Matter: A Biologist Explains Why We Should Treat Animals with Compassion and Respect