In Loving Memory

Pumpkin Block
Patches Brown
Patches Vaccaro
Puffin Voorhees
Nicky Whiteside
Odie Maynard
Buddy Starrett
Lucy Wilhelm
Vicki Herman
Sadie Smith
Loopy Rohrdanz
Little P. Frost
Audrey Zoo
Alisha Bartholomew
Yuba Nadeau
Copper Stolz
Abby Ritchey
Mia Frey
China Neshek
Gabby Mason
Dolly Graham
Shadow Leandro
Sandy Ogata
Mac Goby
Kassie Hurst
Skyelar Rasmusson
Bodie Ruesel
Luke Ebler
Mimi Martin
Maggy Cerason
Dusty Conver
Riley Souther
Lucy Lauten
Jetta Suchland
Gus Morairty
Sasha Clark
Huxley Vona




“The wild things of this earth are not ours to do with as we please. They have been given to us in trust, and we must account for them to the generation which will come after us and audit our accounts.” 
― William T. Hornaday