Kane Militar
Blue Vitale
Fonzie Bohlman
Fonzie Harrod
Henry Donahue
Booker Taylor
Lady Gilsdorf
Toby La Day
Summer Virga-Hyatt
Java Sebeni
Roxy Bruns
Zeus Demorest
Chesney Flachman
Mercy Carlson
Cosmo Michaels
Vienna Reisig
Scamper Ebler
Bob Olson
Darla Easterla
Hazel Axtell
feral cat Ritter
Willy Ritter
Buster Donahue
Shadow Kingdon
Stuey Pollera
Myrtle Leveille
Jack Schweitzer
Perky Mudron
T14 River City Cat Rescue
Zoey Mooney
Lily Yon
Red Ritter
Rosie Stumbos



“The fate of animals is of far greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous.” 
― Émile Zola