In Loving Memory

Tommy Silverstein
Nugget Johnson
Sadie Castellano
Daddy Conner
Georgia Young
Nickie Burden
Story Paske
Samantha Ryan
Zoe Milan
Mojo Hastie
White Sox Bui-Thompson
Grey One Hovey
Toby Lowe
Tucker Smazenko
Rajah Lastufka
Snickers Graziano
Sierra Karnezis
Sophie Melchione
Frodo Bates
Missy Girardi
Abby Williams
Sierra Howard
Chloe Wicks
Chelsea Hulsey
Sonny Aimes
Gus Diebels
Tina Capp
Sequoia Sandhoff
Sugar Coyne
Lexi Olson
Farley Harrod
Ryley Bagley
Karma Wirt
Baily Kimbriel

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“I never fancied cats much till I found the First Mate,” he remarked, to the accompaniment of the Mate’s tremendous purrs. “I saved his life, and when you’ve saved a creature’s life you’re bound to love it.
It’s next thing to giving life.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne’s House of Dreams