In Loving Memory

Koda Sherlock
Dude Barnes
Tigy Fitzhugh
Harley Hart
Fredo Van Patten
Katniss Storey
Sugar Olsen
Sophie Klide
Chilly Michaels
Chula Marquez
Malkav Forbus
Jake Baird
Katie Bunker
Stuart ZooFolsom
Kong Johnson
Baby Sharp
Panther Rogers
Orion Pollera
Mystic Taylor
Molly Segal
T.J. King
Willie Bear Mozell

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“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural.
They show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we’re here.”
― Trisha McCagh, Stories from the Animal Whisperer: What Your Pet Is Thinking and Trying to Tell You