In Loving Memory

Rascal Loewy
Lucy Menszer
Buddy Ritchey
Inky Whetzel
Angus Laumbach
Buster Cook
TC Moore
Harper Cowden
Indy Mah
CoCo Hvidsten
Wyatt Jorgensen
Lucy Waymire
Nala Williams
Toby Coomes
Stihl Ravin
Casey Heape1010
Terrier Yelton
Fuzzy Oriyavong
Max Stewart
Bonnie Blue Arnold
Minnie Piper
Dakoda Hart
Taffy Gilmartin


in the pain of loss
reach deeply into your being,
access the love that resides there,
that will sustain you
until you meet again.

~ © Alison Stormwolf ~