In Loving Memory

November 2010

Keiko Lewis
Sydney Sandoval
Rocky Murphy
Henry Martin
Niko Berrios
Polly Pocket Resor
Annie McFadden
Demi Martinez
Scooter Townsend
Frasier Knowles
Honey Stakolich
Shadow Schroeder-Darling
Uncle Wheelock
Misty Hartley
Suzi Ekness
Nipper Theis
Molly Martin
Cody Shaw
Boat Cat Montag
Liza Burdick
Dodger Whitlock
Porter Tucci
Dayna Kelley
Duke Waymire
Meow Hart
Max Matteson
Tom Teague
Gus Schirmer
Lucy Shaw
Jade Mathew-Rogers
Kitten Marcucci
Sneakers Boyd

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“If people were superior to animals, they’d take better care of the world.”–
A A Milne