June 13, 2021

Updated COVID Protocol

As always, our goal is to provide excellent medical care and treatment for our patients and to support their human caregivers. The COVID pandemic has had a major impact on veterinary medicine and created a huge influx in demand for veterinary services. This has caused us to make changes to our procedures so that we can continue to care for as many patients on a daily basis as possible, and keep our staff and clients safe during this challenging and dynamic human health crisis.

We have been asked if we will be “going back to normal” after June 15th. We have decided to continue to operate “Curbside” for the near future. If COVID trends continue in a positive direction after California opens on June 15th, we will implement some changes to our protocol. Please keep in mind that our greatest resource is our team of doctors and nurses. This team is a small and dedicated group, but without them we simply cannot meet the goal of caring for patients. Staff and client safety is of paramount importance. Assuming COVID trends continue to improve over the summer, our plan is as follows:

  • Beginning July 15th, we will be scheduling a limited number of in-clinic appointments in addition to our Curbside appointments. Due to staffing and room limitations, these in-clinic appointments will be limited to those of a serious nature (i.e. end of life, advanced geriatric, or severe illness/injury) which require more client-doctor interaction.
  • Masks must be worn inside the veterinary hospital. No exceptions.
  • Our lobbies will remain closed.
  • All other appointments (wellness/annual exams, recheck appointments, technician appointments, and minor, routine evaluations) will be done Curbside.
  • We will continue to operate Curbside for medication and food pickups. We greatly appreciate pre-payment for these items prior to arrival to keep the parking lot more accessible for appointments (and to minimize your wait time).
  • For all appointments, call to let us know you have arrived and let us know which parking stall number you are parked in. Clients here for in-clinic appointments will be escorted inside and directly to an exam room at the appropriate time.
  • We ask that one pet advocate be present for in-clinic appointments. We allow two people present for euthanasia appointments.
  • Curbside service will continue indefinitely for those who prefer minimal contact.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these dynamic times. We will continue to monitor CDC, state and local health guidelines and make adjustments to our policy as we see fit. While we understand that you might have comments regarding these policies, we politely request you refrain from holding conversations with staff as it prevents them from caring for both patients and clients. Thank you for instilling your trust in us, both in the care of your pets and in our efforts to keep clients and staff safe so we can continue to care for your furry family members.

Dr. Chuck Harris
Dr. Jeannie Dial
Dr. Deanna Janelle
Dr. Karl Vance
Dr. Susie Magana

August 3, 2020 (WE ARE NOW OPEN)

Dear clients,

Thank you for your constant support. After a few days of deep cleaning, our clinic is back open and ready to serve our clients and patients. Please be patient as we have several days of appointments we need to reschedule. For those needing to refill medications or foods, you may send your request via email or you can use the link on our website. Please allow extra time for refills.

While we are scheduling wellness exams and vaccines, we are limited on the availability of those appointments and are currently scheduled out into September. Please note that while we try to schedule with the doctor of your preference, you may need to see another doctor to have your pet evaluated in a timely manner. All of our doctors work as a team and have access to the same patient files and doctors’ notes.

We appreciate your referrals to family and friends, however, we are not able to take on new clients at this time. The COVID situation has created a new challenge for us; our sick pet appointments are often booking out a couple of weeks or more. While we love to meet new clients and help care for pets new to our clinic, our number one priority is to be able to accommodate our current clients and patients.

Like you, we hope the COVID situation improves and things get back to “normal” real soon. For now we are continuing with “curbside” service to practice physical distancing to keep everyone safe. Again, thank you for your support and understanding as we navigate these challenging times.


To our wonderful clients,

We are reaching out to you today to inform you that we have had an employee test positive for COVID-19. While CDC guidelines allow us to quarantine staff and continue operation, we feel it is best to close the clinic and have the hospital thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. For the safety of our clients and our staff the clinic will be closing Thursday, July 30th until further notice. While we will have limited staff available for medication refills if needed, we will not have a DVM on staff. You may pick up your pre-approved refills between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM on Thursday, July 30th. If you have an appointment or surgery scheduled, someone will be calling to reschedule. We apologize for the disruption this may cause in your pet’s medical care. We want to get back to caring for your furry family as safely and as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Chuck Harris, DVM
Hazel Ridge Veterinary Clinic

June 2, 2020

As the situation evolves, we are adjusting our protocols to balance seeing as many patients as we can each day, while also maintaining both our staff and clients’ safety. The following is a list of protocols we have in place at this time.

  • Effective June 1, 2020 our new business hours are as follows: Monday-Friday 8AM until 6 PM, Saturday 8AM until 4 PM, closed on Sunday. These hours will remain in effect until further notice.
  • When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please call our office to let us know you are here. Someone will be out to greet you shortly.
  • It is best for you to remain in your car. We understand that it is hot; we value your time and are working as quickly as possible to get you and your pet back on your way.
  • If you do exit your car, please do not congregate around either of our entrances.
  • Please remember physical distancing recommendations. This includes leaving at least six feet of space around others whenever possible.
  • Because of social distancing, please do not pet other people’s dogs.
  • Our staff continues to use face masks, and we appreciate you using them too.
  • We are beginning to schedule routine wellness exams, but medical appointments take priority and routine physicals and/or vaccines will need to be scheduled out accordingly.
  • We are still not able to accomodate grooming-type of appointments such as nail trims, etc. We are happy to provide a Rabies certificate so that these services can be done at a grooming facility.

During this time we are experiencing a very high call volume with clients needing to seek care for their pets. Please, if you believe you no longer need your appointment, call us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel your appointment.

While we value your recommendations to family, friends, and neighbors we are unable to accommodate new clients at this time. We hope to continue to do so in the weeks or months ahead, but right now our top priority is to be able to see and treat as many established patients as we can at this time. Thank you so much for your support and understanding.


Veterinary care is considered an essential need in California and our hospital remains open to serve our clients and their pets. We are doing some things differently to address the need to protect our clients, our staff, and our community during this global pandemic. This is a rapidly changing situation and these guidelines may change in the near future.

  • We are limiting appointments to urgent and/or medical needs only
  • We are only able to see established clients at this time
  • Please call ahead for an appointment if you feel that your pet is ill or uncomfortable. We will do our best to have them seen by a doctor as soon as possible (often the same day)
  • Routine annual examinations, most vaccinations, non-anesthetic dental cleanings, nail trims, etc. will not be scheduled at this time
  • When you arrive for an appointment please call (916) 965-8200 from your car
  • For everyone’s safety, and in accordance with social distancing, clients will not be permitted in the building at this time
  • Please do not gather at the front of our building. We advise that you remain in your car
  • A nurse will come to you to escort your pet into the building and will return your pet to you after they have been examined and/or treated
  • The doctor will discuss his or her findings either in person or over the phone
  • Payment will be made over the phone
  • Medication refills can be done over the phone, or you can visit our webpage and order through VetSource for home delivery
  • If you are feeling unwell or may be at risk of coronavirus exposure, please ask a healthy friend or family member to transport your pet on your behalf

We understand that clients like to accompany their pets during their veterinary appointments, and we assure you we will return to our normal operating procedures when the current situation improves and it is safe to do so. We hope you are all staying safe during this unprecedented time. We look forward to life returning to normal and seeing your smiling faces soon!